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"Sort By" example using sort_clsDataGrid.asp

Example using exisiting connection (no styles applied -- just defined by [table] and [td] elements in style sheet -- view source to see the style sheet):

Code Used for following DataGrid:
Set objDataGrid = New clsDataGrid
Set objDataGrid.Connection = objConn
objDataGrid.Command = strQuery
Set objDataGrid = Nothing

1John GaltAtlas Shrugged08/10/2002
2Hank ReardonAtlas Shrugged08/10/2002
3Eddie WillersAtlas Shrugged08/10/2002
4Dagny TaggartAtlas Shrugged08/10/2002
5Ragnar DanneskjoldAtlas Shrugged08/10/2002
6Francisco D'AnconiaAtlas Shrugged08/10/2002
7Midas MulliganAtlas Shrugged08/10/2002
8Jerry SeinfeldSeinfeld08/10/2002
9George CostanzaSeinfeld08/10/2002
10Cosmo KramerSeinfeld08/10/2002
12Eric CartmanSouth Park08/10/2002
13Kyle BroflovskiSouth Park08/10/2002
14Stan MarshSouth Park08/10/2002
15Kenny McCormickSouth Park08/10/2002
16Scott TenormanSouth Park08/10/2002
17Elaine BenesSeinfeld08/10/2002
18Kenny BanyaSeinfeld08/10/2002
19Uncle LeoSeinfeld08/10/2002
20Soup NaziSeinfeld08/10/2002
21Priest MaxiSouth Park08/10/2002
22J. PetermanSeinfeld08/10/2002